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Intelligent Fire
Protection System

Efficient fire suppression is critical to safe and successful mission completion or your company's daily operation

ESI’s new Intelligent Fire Protection Systems provides the most advanced fire protection systems which include:

  • Fire detection within 4 millisec

  • Fire suppression within 400 millisec

  • Zero false positives to date

ESI Fire Suppression systems are developed with several objectives in mind:

Detection and Validation: Using high speed electro-optics light emission from a fire can be rapidly detected and differentiated between light emissions produced by other photon sources (i.e., sunlight, electric sparks, high impact flashes, and functioning API’s).

Fire Zone Locating: Two approaches are considered: i) pre-specified local fire zones, or ii) specification of multiple fire zones within a general protection area.

Agent Discharge Effectiveness: Maximize agent delivery to ensure that the agent quickly reaches, penetrates, and effectively mixes within a fire zone.

Typical test sequence of a spray fire in an engine nacelle with relight

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 3.10.27 PM.png
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