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Engineering & Scientific Innovations (ESI) is known for its experimental and testing capability. The following is a listing of both general and focused measurement systems available. This includes conventional temperature and pressure measurement systems and laser based systems. Coupled with this capability is extensive flow visualization and image processing expertise. The following flow chart provides a brief overview of ESI's measurement & visualization capabilities


Laser-Based Techniques

   - LDA

   - PIV

   - LIF & LAS

   - Drop & Particle Sizing



          Drop Shadowgraphy

          Spray Measurement

Visualization & Image Processing

   - Shadowgraphy

   - Schlieren

   - Smoke

   - Laser Light Mie Scattering

   - Ph Level Indication

   - Fragment Tracking

   - Shear Stress Sensitive Liquid Crystals

   - Temperature Sensitive Liquid Crytals

   - Surface Streaking

   - High Speed Video

Conventional Techniques

   - Thermal Anemometry

   - High Pressure Transducers

   - Acoustic Transducers

   - Temperature Measurement

   - Force Measurement

   - Gas Concentration

   - Optical UV, Visible & IR

  - High Speed Multichannel           Data Acquisition Systems

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