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For the case where fire has occurred in a large occupied space within a commercial or military aircraft such as a cargo bay, ESI has designed a Multi-Port Fire Suppressor (MPFS) system. This system is capable of detecting and extinguishing large petroleum based fires where fuel supply rates can exceed 350 GPH. Initial testing of this system in ESI’s open space cabin simulator demonstrated that fires that were started with fuel flow rates from 225 GPH to 300 GPH, with and without internal airflow, could be successfully extinguished in less than 900 milliseconds using less than 400 gms (14.11 ounces) of total suppressant agent. Figure 1 shows four images at different times during the initiation of the fire (T = 0 milliseconds), detection and ultimate extinguishment (T= 858 milliseconds).


Figure 1: Initiation, Detection and Extinguishment of Fire From 300 GPH Petroleum Grade Fuel

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