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Delivering Results Through Engineering Excellence

ESI understands the fundamentals of business, which we apply to every project. This allows our clients to feel confident that the results that they receive will not only give them an advantage over their competition, but improve their overall business.

With ESI's help, our clients are able to produce their products more efficiently and effectively, thus cutting cost and improving margins.

ESI supplies confidential technical support and product evaluation in several general areas of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, fire dynamics and suppression, and the development of prototype instrumentation techniques and systems.

Technical projects have ranged from wind loading on structures to spray measurements, aerodynamics and heat transfer of moving load products to the interaction of micro jets in the production of synthetics, as well as gas concentration measurements to fluid flow in medical products.

Company Profile

Founded in 1991 in the state of Ohio, Engineering and Scientific Innovations, Inc. (ESI) is a woman-owned small business that specializes in providing high-level, independent research in the areas of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and fire dynamics.  Staffed with experienced engineers, ESI provides a professional and cost-effective approach to assist in achieving the goals of their clients.  In a dynamic and collaborative global environment, ESI researchers can provide the competitive edge a client requires.  This is accomplished through the inherent capability of a small business to focus their resources on the client’s directive.

Applying state-of-the-art measurement techniques and designing unique test facilities, ESI has helped their clients remain innovative in a highly competitive business market.  Using novel experimental methods, ESI engineers have evaluated a range of flow regimes including wind tunnel airflow characterization for US Air Force full-scale wing testing and spray delivery through generic clutter elements.  ESI has also extended their services to law firms as expert witnesses in litigation involving accident reconstruction and investigation, product liability evaluation and contract performance.  When required, ESI has designed innovative test facilities for repeated testing that simulate realistic scenarios of interest to the client.  This design-to-test capability provides the client with a sole source for solving their complex problems.  This has been demonstrated through numerous publications and both domestic and international conference presentations by ESI personnel.

Recent News

ESI Offers Wind Tunnel Testing Newly constructed wind tunnels and advanced diagnostic systems offer testing for a wide range of applications including aerospace, green energy, and sports science.

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